What’s the Cost of Elevator Installation?

Installing an elevator inside your home is a life-changing experience that you’ll cherish forever. The elevator is a classy addition that not every homeowner can afford to or wants to make, so you should enjoy the luxury, and the ease of going up and down the stairs as well as the plethora of additional benefits that it offers. But, the cost of Minnesota elevator installation is always top concern for anyone considering the addition.

Minnesota elevator installation

There is no question that elevator installation can be expensive. There are several factors that impact the overall amount of money that you’ll spend for that installation. This includes the type of elevator, the brand, the place of installation, and numerous other factors. A hydraulic elevator can cost about $30,000 while the installation adds on another $10,000 – $15,000 to the costs. A pneumatic elevator is the easier to install of the two and has an average cost of about $35,000, although some models can cost $50,000 or more.

Elevator features and functions vary from one model to the next. It is best to compare the features before choosing to ensure that you get what you need. The features that you want on the unit also impact the costs. The newer, larger models are the most expensive.

It is best to install an elevator during new construction of a home, but not a requirement. A retrofit elevator can be installed into an already built home. Although it adds difficulties, those who want the luxuries and eases of an elevator have that option to install any time they’d like. You must meet building codes and standards, so do keep this in mind. Find a good company from which to purchase the actual elevator as well as one that offers superb installation.